cute couples, reblog what you want.

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Tumblr Themes always going to ship stefan and elena, they’re so perfect for each other - almost cried when they broke up for a whole season.
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why can i not have this, someone please come do this with me.
Tumblr Themes still can not believe jelena broke up. -cries
Tumblr Themes sigh. can’t believe they’re over sometimes.
Tumblr Themes I miss them so much. teamjaitlinforever.
Tumblr Themes asklfg, so perfect.
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Tumblr Themes dear beautiful followers.

I’m really sorry I haven’t been on much at all lately, it’s due to family reasons. please have faith in me and don’t unfollow me, i’m going to be on alot more now. thankyou. i love you all, and thanks for 1k followers!